Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am ignoring the Metro traffic by living near a Metro train station, and a single bus away from college. The traffic pretty much makes bus and car travel take about the same amount of time – maybe 15 minutes longer by bus. Also, riding the bus is fun, except for the sometimes unfortunate levels of humidity.
I read a few books in September and October, and then I started drawing on the bus. Here's my first drawing (on the back page of Garth Clark's American Ceramics – sorry!):

Then I moved on to a lined notebook, just illustrating ideas that come up when I think about making pots. I have no idea if these will affect my work in clay.

Drawing on a cross-town bus? I put my bag on my lap, balance my sketchbook (or whatever) on top, and try to keep my hand and my page riding the same wave.

Though I seem to be becoming a bus-spotter, don't worry. I've always been that way.

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